CLIENT: Flip Side Beer and Burger Bar

Flipside Beer and Burger Bar, Rawai, Phuket, Thailand.

What have we done for Flip Side?

Saparot design have created the brand of Flip Side Beer and Burger Bar from the original owner’s concept stage right the way through to completion. We have designed several menus for the restaurant including the food menu, drinks menu, VIP discount card, flyers, outdoor banners, business cards etc.

#01 – Project Brief:

To create a logo and brand identity for Flip Side Beer and Burger Bar. The restaurant wanted a modern and trendy look in-line with the young tourists visiting Rawai, Phuket. The way we flipped the ‘i’ over and the top of the ‘d’ became the other ‘i’ made for a memorable, strong and popular logo; which has worked very well across t-shirt designs, printed designs and restaurant signage.

#02 – Project Brief:

To design a menu for Flip Side Beer and Burger Bar that is in the style of a newspaper and includes both food and drinks, as well as fun facts about the history of the burger etc. as seen below. In addition, we designed a VIP member card, various outdoor banners too.